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    Good evening, 8A girls basketball parents 2021. It has been brought to my attention that one of our Manvel JH 8A girls basketball parents was making negative comments about the way one of our girls was playing during the basketball game vs Friendswood. This is totally unacceptable. We are here to encourge our girls during the game, not talk negative about how they are playing. Everyone reading this, that played sports, has had a bad game. The worse thing that can happen is for an adult from our own team to remind them of every mistake they are making in a negative way during the game. We must remember these are still kids you are making these comments towards and they can clearly hear you and their parents sitting in the stands can also hear you! It's already bad enough that the opposing team spectators will make subtle comments but for it to come from Manvel JH parents is unacceptable. If this continues to happen in future games and it's reported again, it will result in being banned from attending anymore games for the remainder of the season. We have a good nucleus of girls who play hard for each other for 4 quarters and play as a team and all they need right now is encouragement from parents during the game. Yes they will continue to miss lay-ups, turn the ball over, shoot air balls, travel, double dribble, get unnecessary fouls, not get back on defense, etc. When you see this, just encourage them and let them know the mistake is over and keep playing. They will already be upset at themselves for these mistakes, they don't need to hear any negativity. Please, parents, lets be positive and cheer the kids on every game to help them finish with an undefeated season.


    Coach Davis


    8A Girls

    This week we do not have a game due to Galveston Central not having a girls team. This week we will focus a lot on conditioning and skill work during Mon, Tues, and Wed practice. We will jump back into our game plan on Thursday during athletics and the following week to get ready for Lake Jackson Intermediate. Come to practice ready to run and work hard. 


    Coach Davis




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