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    Hello! I am Mrs. Buhler, and I am in my 22nd year of teaching at Alvin Junior High. I am a UHCL graduate, with a BA in Literature and Secondary Language Arts Composite. Outside of school, I live on a farm and have an assortment of animals. I enjoy spending time with family, working in my greenhouse, doing various crafts, and reading.
    My classroom is structured to include reading, writing, speaking, and listening every day. So, let's work together to make the 2022-2023 school year a year of learning.
    Please contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.
    Pamela Buhler
    281-245-2770 ext. 5426
    Room 308
    Conference: 3rd period
    Tutorials: Tuesday 8:00-8:30 a.m. and 4:10-5:00 p.m.
    Google Classroom Codes:
    1st period: 5avvusy
    2nd period: qaetwel
    4th period: r5gqla6
    5th period: hcjwqpk
    6th period: hdbd2kc
    7th period: lf7npnh
    • Tuesday before school, 8:00a.m. -8:30a.m. and after school, 4:10p.m.– 5:00p.m.
    • Note: The expectation is that you are attentive and working in class. Please do not waste class time only by requesting tutorials to make up for lost time.
    • You may email for help, and I will respond as soon as possible at  pbuhler@alvinisd.net




    You will need the following class materials in your backpack every day:   

    • Pencil bag
    • One glue stick
    • Multiple pencils/pens
    • One chunky eraser
    • One set of 12 or more colored pencils
    • One handheld pencil sharpener
    • One set of four or more highlighters
    • One pair of scissors
    • Multi-colored correcting pens


    • For my class:
    • One 3-subject spiral or 2 single subject

    • A folder with brads and pockets
    • Box of facial tissues


    Mrs. Buhler’s Wish List

    • Boxes of facial tissues
    • Extra glue sticks
    • Post-It Notes all sizes
    • pencil tip or square erasers
    • Handheld sharpeners
    • Multi-color printing paper: pastels, bright, and primary colors
    • Multi-color card stock: pastels, bright, and primary colors
    • White card stock
    • notebook paper




    Classroom Policies

    1. Be on-time, on task & prepared to learn EVERYDAY.
    2. Keep all electronics in your backpack, not your pocket. Not Seen, Not heard, Not Taken!!!
    3. No profanity, rude gestures, cruel teasing, or put downs.
    4. No grooming/make-up, toys, or anything that will cause a distraction. It will be taken up.
    5. No gum or food, water only in a bottle/ no cups.
    6. Trash goes in the trashcan! #NOTYOURMAID
    7. If I am talking, then you are listening.
    8. RESPECT the teacher, the classroom, other students: HFBO- Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself.
    9. If you refuse to follow my rules, accept the consequences. 
    10. Accept the word “no” 
    11. No WHINING! 
    12. This is my classroom; and I’m here for one reason and one reason only: TO TEACH YOU, INSPIRE YOU, AND HELP YOU GROW. I’ll Do My Part… The Rest is Up to You!
    Additional Information:
    Calendar: see Alvin ISD homepage
    Class/ Student Resources: dictionary, library book
    Other pages that would be helpful: district main page, AJH main page & library page