• Manvel High School Transcript Request
     2016 Graduates and current students.  CLICK HERE to request your transcript online.
    2015 or earlier Graduates.  CLICK HERE.  (This is a PDF form that you will print out and mail in with payment.  There is a $3.00 fee for each requested transcript payable by cash or money order only.)
    You may bring the completed form to Manvel High School with payment or Mail form and payment to the following address:
    Manvel High School
    19601 Highway 6
    Manvel, TX 77578
    If you are a current senior or graduated in 2016, transcripts are sent for free.  If you graduated in 2015 or prior, the cost is $3.00/transcript.  If you need a transcript to join the Military, Police Force, or Firefighters, those transcripts are free with provided proof.