My dogs, waiting for me to come home from school.
    Name: Heide Norman
    Campus: Nelson Elementary
    Campus Phone #: (713) 814-7324
    Room #: 228
    Conference Hours
    University Alma Mater: University of Houston Clear Lake

     A little about me.....
    The picture above is of our dogs, Bella and Gracie, waiting for me to come home! As much as I love being at school and working with our students, it is always a great feeling to see our dogs looking out the window and so excited to see me. 
    This is my 13th year to teach here in Alvin and I love teaching at Nelson Elementary. Although this year is starting off very differently, I am so excited for it to begin. I love seeing all the smiling faces and receiving hugs, of course, this year they will be "Air Hugs" and smiles will be covered by masks, but I'll see those eyes sparkle instead.........