Alvin High School Beliefs 
    We believe our number one job is to foster a culture that promotes life-long learning and prepares students to become productive members of an ever changing society.
    We believe, through relevant and rigorous academic curriculum, we are preparing students to be problem solvers, independent thinkers, and participants in our community, nation, and a global society.
    We believe that all students can learn and it is our obligation to identify and foster each students’ innate learning ability, interests, and motivations.
    We believe there are two things we can control; the work we are providing students and the relationships we are building.
    We believe it is our responsibility to encourage and develop deep and sustained parent relationships because these partnerships are vital to student success.
    We believe it is our job to encourage real and lasting community partnerships.
    We believe that continuous learning is vital for educators because education continues to evolve and modeling this for students is critical.
    We believe in open and honest communication among central office, campus administration, teachers, students, parents, and the community because student success requires collaboration and mutual respect between all these groups.