Alvin High School--Academic Decathlon
    "Sports for the Brain"
    Interested in AcDec-Contact a sponsor.  If you competed in Jr. High UIL-AcDec is the place for you.  An elective with AP and APA credit.
    Sponsors--Paul Summa CM 214
                     Robin Foster  CM 223 
    2016-17-Regional Qualifier
    2016-17- 21st in State-AHS record high point score
                      Caitlyn Yin-State Medalist 
    2017-18-Regional qualifier and State qualifier
                 Regional record high score, State record High score
                 Erica Gonzales and Payton Neubauer-State Medalist.
    2018-19-Regional quilifer and State Qualifier
                  Regional record high score, State Record High Score
    2019-20-Regional Qualifier and State Qualifier
    2020-21-Regional and State qualifier
                   Silvana Galicia and Jai Yann-State medalists