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    Site Coordinator: Eliana Navarro

    E-mail: enavarro@alvinisd.net  
    Website: www.cistxjv.org
    Telephone Number: 346-347-4057                 
    Room Number: A122
    Operation Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.
     I am pleased to invite your child to participate in the CIS program. CIS is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students through supportive guidance and counseling, health and human services, parental and family engagement, college and career awareness, enrichment activities, and academic enhancement and support in a personal one-on-one relationship. CIS supports the students’ positive growth and achievement by addressing individual needs in a caring, personalized, holistic, and accountable manner.

    During the school year, your child will participate in enrichment and academic activities. This may include mentoring, peer mediation, support groups, academic support, community service projects, college field trips, and recreational activities. CIS also provides one-on-one supportive guidance that will help the student to improve attendance, academic performance, and behavior.

     I believe that your child will benefit from involvement in CIS. All services are provided at NO COST to the students and their families who are enrolled in the CIS program.

     Please feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions. Thank you and I look forward to working with you and your child. 

    Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion = Student Success! 


    You can be one of our volunteers! Contact CIS if you would like to be part of this opportunity.

    Guardians and students, please sign up for CIS text alerts. This is how I let you know about field trips, give aways, activities, etc. Text @cgeh6bk to 81010

    About CIS Site Coordinator:
    I have bachelor's degree in Social Work from University of Caldas (Colombia). I met my husband 17 years ago when he went to my country to learn Spanish. I moved to USA 15 years ago and we got married 3 months later. We have an 10 year-old boy who is the sunshine in our lives. This is my 12th year as CIS Site Coordinator and my 14th year with the organization. I worked part time for 2 yrs at Alvin Jr. High then got promoted to CIS Site Coordinator at Manvel Jr. High/Rodeo Palms Jr. High, I was there for 6 years, then went to Shadow Creek High School to start the program. I'm starting my 5th year here at Fairview Jr. High.  One of the things about this job is that this is one of my passions. I love my job!