Mrs. Espinal
    Room # A128
    Extension: 6169
    Conference Hours: 2nd Period A Day - 9:40 am - 11:20 am
                                                    (by appointment)
    University Alma Mater: Texas A&M University, Gig 'Em Aggies!

    Welcome to Mrs. Espinal's Science Class
    Howdy! I am Mrs. Espinal and will be teaching PAP and MAP 8th grade Science! This is my second year teaching 8th grade and my 6th year teaching.  I look forward to a wonderful year.
    Syllabus PAP - PAP Syllabus
    Syllabus MAP - MAP Syllabus
    Classroom Procedures - Mrs. Espinal's Classroom Procedures
    Class Calendar / Scope and Sequence - PAP Scope and Sequence 
                                                             MAP Scope and Sequence
    PAP/MAP Contract - PAP/MAP Contract
    Lab Safety Contract - Safety Contract
                                   Safety Contract Signatures
    Class Scedule: 1st - PAP Science
                          2nd - PAP Science
                          3rd - MAP Science
                          4th - MAP Science
                          5th - Conference
                          6th - PAP Science
                          7th - MAP Science
    Supplies Needed for Class:

    1 - composition notebook                                    4 – Glue sticks

    1 – spiral notebook                                             1 – box of colored pencils

    1 – pair of scissors                                              1 – box of clorox wipes

    1 - pair of earbuds








    Google Classroom:
    1st Period: spm67wb
    3rd Period: 4pvbc75
    4th Period: e3fwvnk
    5th Period: aakxut5
    6th Period: rysrdap
    7th Period: fzc3v5f