Nikhil Kaji
    Room # D303 
    Conference: 7th Period (1:57-2:50)
    Phone Number: 281-245-6651

    About Me
    I earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Texas in 2010 and have been teaching High School Math since then. Feel free to contact me through email (NKaji@alvinisd.net) 
    What I Teach 
     Advanced Placement Calculus AB and Advanced Placement Calculus BC
    Google Classroom Codes:
    Calculus AB 1st Period: tkr2gl5
    Calculus BC 2nd Period: csnyvts
    Calculus AB 3rd Period: ka4ubqg
    Calculus AB 4th Period: eb43phw
    Calulus BC 5th Period: eunun3m
    Calculus AB 6th Period: 4neraaj
     Students can schedule virtual tutorials with me Monday through Friday after school hours. 

    Class Websites: 
    Calculus AB