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    Lyle Bones     

    Dyslexia Therapist, Nelson Elementary School

    Alvin I.S.D.  Lgbones@alvinisd.net   713-814-7300 (campus office) 

    LEXIA Information for Parents: How to get your child started

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    Helpful resources for parents: Neuhaus Education

    Neuhaus Education Center          Neuhaus is a premier organization for training teachers and parents in scientific reseach-based methodologies to remediate reading difficulties.  The "Parents" and "Reading Challenges" tabs are good resources for parents. 


    The International Dyslexia Association           The website's  "About Dyslexia" and "Families" tabs provide much information and resources for parents.


    Alvin I.S.D. Dyslexia Page           


    About Me


    Welcome to our first year at the new Bob and Betty Nelson Elementary School!  I am the campus Dyslexia Therapist and have a passion for helping struggling readers overcome their difficulties.  Students with dyslexia and other reading impairments can achieve success given intensive, appropriate and thorough reading instruction.  It is my focus to provide such instruction as well as encouragement.  Success is an ongoing journey!   


    Professional Credentials


    I am a graduate of the Neuhaus Education Center's Dyslexia Specialist Preparation Program (2015) which has allowed me to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist by passing the certifying exam of the Academic Language Therapists Association (ALTA).   I hold both a Master of Education degree and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting degree from the University of Houston.  In addition to my 1st through 8th grade teaching certificate I have certificates in Special Education and English as a Second Language.  


    Teaching Experience


    2019-2020 is my 14th year of working with students that have dyslexia, my 23rd year in Alvin I.S.D., and my 26th year as a teacher.  My other teaching assignments have included 2nd through 5th grades and special education.  




    My wife and I have lived in the City of Alvin for 24 years.  Both of our sons are graduates of Alvin High School, with one currently attending Alvin Community College and the other serving as a Petty Officer in the United States Coast Guard.