Ms. Murphy
    Name:  Catherine Murphy
    Email: cmurphy@alvinisd.net
    Campus Phone # (281) 331-6696
    Room # 512
    Conference Hours: 2:25-3:25
    University Alma Mater
    University of Houston 
         About Me
       Welcome to Art class! My name is  Catherine Murphy  and I am thrilled to be the Art Teacher at Passmore! I have been teaching art in the Houston area for thirteen years and I  am interested in everything! My favorite things are my  daughter, doing portraits of people and animals, design, tap dancing, any other kind of dance, exercise, science and learning new things. I especially enjoy people who share their ideas and talents with me. I believe that there is beauty everywhere, try to find it and share. I am lucky to be able to be teaching at Passmore, where great young thinkers, designers, scientists, artists, inventors and creators are developing their ideas, skills, designs and products for the future! Welcome to art class--it's going to be a great year! I am here to help you achieve your goals and promise to try my best every day!
    P.S. Please remember that being a talented artist in my class is not necessary because learning and practicing art is much more than being good at drawing--it's about being inspired, having rich experiences and exploring ideas.