Email: ecarr@alvinisd.net
    Campus Phone: 281-388-1130
    Room: A216
    Conference Hours: 10:30- 11am (3rd period)
    Enrichment Hours: Tuesday & Thursday (8:05 -8:35) A124
    University of Louisville- BA Business Administration
    Houston Baptist University- MA Psychology
    Univ. of H Clear Lake- Ed.D. Educational Leadership

    About Coach Carr
    It is an honor and privilege having the opportunity to teach your student the foundations of science!  This will be my 20th year teaching 8th grade science. I will also be coaching in football and girls basketball.  Originally from Louisville, KY, I graduated from Central High School (alma mater of Muhammad Ali), then served 2 1/2 years in the US Army (Ft. Steward Georgia- 13F10: Fire Support Specialist).  After returning from the military, I matriculated through Jefferson Community College, eventually earning a BA from U of L.  Although I was not born in Texas, I got to here as quick as I could.   Literally, days after completing undergrad, I packed my car and headed 1000 miles south to see what Texas had to offer.  Within 13 months I started teaching (Waco ISD), talked some Texas girl into marrying me, and we were expecting our first daughter.  Accordingly, my wife of 19 years and I have two daughters, and a dog.  I absolutely love this state because of the diversity, the beaches, the opportunities, and the beaches.  Did I mention, the beaches?  Away from school, I love running, working out, biking, reading, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying quality time with my peeps.  
    Philosophy and Methodology
    All students have the potential to excel in science when in the proximity of competent individuals and given a positive learning environment.  Therefore, I utilize a rather eclectic, thus, unorthodox pedagogical style which combines mentoring, modeling, lecturing, experiential (hands on) learning, Socratic method, individual/group activities, labs, life/army stories, humor, and virtually anything it takes to engage your student in order to hook s/he on science.  I truly believe that America is a Great Nation and has a plethora of opportunities from which students can benefit in the process of adding value to our country.  Likewise, true to the nature of an Ali enthusiast, military veteran, coach, and father, I will unapologetically push your son or daughter to maximize their God-given potential on a daily basis!  In that direction, career opportunities predicated on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields abound for those who faint not!  Speaking of which, there will be an end of the year S.O.L.D.I.E.R.S. Celebration for students who consistently exemplify the following virtues:
    Respect, and
    With this being said, I am excited about joining the team at MJH and look forward to a fun and productive school year with your student!
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