Christi Caulfield
    Room #307
    Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
    Conference Time Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2:14-3:07
    Conference Time Tuesday, Thursday:   2:21-3:11
    281-245-2770 ext 5418
    Tutorial times: Every morning EXCEPT Tuesdays at 8:00 am
                         Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon until 4:30

    Distance Learning Update 3/18/2020
    Beginning 3/23/2020, assignments and instruction will be delivered through Google Classroom. You are all enrolled already so there is no extra step necessary. I will post a module on Friday for the next week. You will have all week to complete the module on your own time. I will be available in on Google Hangouts everyday from 11-1. There will be a link in Google Classroom for you to join the hangout if you have questions, comments or just want to talk. I also encourage you to comment on the Google Classroom modules. I love hearing your comments and questions in class; I will miss that. I want to still have those experiences with you the best we can. So please comment and ask questions like you would in class and I'll be responding on those posts as well. Please email me if you are having trouble access things or what to do next. ccaulfield@alvinisd.net     
    Students who do not have access to online lessons/work: You can pick up packets at school on Mondays from 10-12 and 4-6. They will be handed out in the car rider line. You will be able to return work and pick up additional work on Mondays during those times. 

    About Me
    Welcome to Texas History! I am an avid historian and have spent the last 14 years teaching 7th grade history. I bring my passion into the classroom everyday. I am a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas as well as the Mayflower Society.  I am super proud that my oldest son is attending Sam Houston State University this fall and my youngest is beginning junior high. My love for Texas, history and teaching runs deep!
    • Be sure you have a one subject spiral dedicated to Texas History (preferably not a composition book). It will be your MOST important tool all year!
    • Be sure you sign up for my Google Classroom (we will do this together in class the first few weeks of school)
    • Be sure to sign up for Remind @txforever
    TO ACCESS GOOGLE CLASSROOM;  go to classroom.google.com  Be sure you are logged into Google (your login is your email- student ID number@students.alvinisd.net). 
    IF YOU ARE NOT ENROLLED:  sign into google (your email is your student ID number@students.alvinisd.net),  go to classroom.google.com, (if you see two blue boxes, be sure to click STUDENT), click on the plus sign by your email address. You must enter the correct code for the period that you have my class.  
    Online Textbook is here!!!!! Go to https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do Your user name is ALVINISD_your id # (example ALVINISD_12345) Your password is first initial, last initial, ID (example cc12345) It will ask for a redemption code. Type in  Z25F-WJZV-6XDO Once you are set up, you should have access to our book simply by logging in.