• graham


    Welcome to R. L. Stevenson Primary!  Let me share how excited I am to be a part of the Stevenson team—a team that includes young learners, dedicated school staff and supportive families and community members. Our staff recognizes that educating children is a tremendous responsibility.  You can trust that the R. L. Stevenson staff is committed to providing an excellent academic program with high expectations for all our students.  In addition, our staff is committed to building positive relationships with our students and their families.  We will continuously strive to create an engaging and nurturing environment where all children feel accepted and valued, and our staff will always be focused on making child-centered decisions that support the academic, social and emotional growth of our students.  


    We welcome our parents to be active partners in their children’s school experiences and invite you to participate in the many events on our campus that will take place throughout the year.  Together, we can ensure that all children develop a life-long love for learning and have the best opportunities for school success—this year and in all their school years to follow. 


    We look forward to the 2018-2019 school year and in sharing many exciting learning experiences!  


    Kim Graham