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    Name: Kevin Shultz
    Room: D158
    Campus Phone: 281.245.2280
    Subject: Choir, AP Music Theory, Musical Theater
    Conference Hours: 7th Per. 1:56-2:50
    University Alma Mater: Penn State University
    1st  - Non-Varsity Women's Choir
    2nd - Non-Varsity Men's Choir
    3rd - Varsity Women's Choir
    4th - Varsity Mixed Choir
    5th - AP Music Theory
    6th - Musical Theater
    7th - Conference
    Fridays 2:50-3:50
    Bio: Please visit our choir website for all information regarding choir and Mr. Shultz, and syllabi for classes at manvelchoir.weebly.com 

    About Me
    Please visit manvelchoir.com for more information on me and our choir program!