•  Tutorials will be done during 3rd and 4th periods.

    Schedule: 3rd and 4th period block is the time I will be on campus for 

    the MHS FUTURE TEACHER PROGRAM.  If you need to make an appt., please contact me via email as I may be observing my students.

    Mrs. Pennie Yancey
    Room # B201
    Conference Hours: 10:15-11:15  Phone: 281 245-2232 ext. 2651
    University Alma Mater: Southwest Texas State University

    I am excited to return to Alvin ISD to help young people explore the field of education. I believe that "teaching" is a way of life, not a "job." 
    This is my 43rd year in education. I started my career at Alvin High School and am most proud of beginning the Future Teacher Program under the FCS umbrella in this district in 2001. I also enjoyed seeing the results of this district's dedication to educating ALL students as I was a member of a great team of leaders who began services to help students who were parents. A student recently asked me what the highlight of my career has been and it was the day we opened the AHS Daycare many years ago. The young parents and their children have become successful adults...some teach in our district...one just received "teacher of the year" at her school this past year. This district believes in HOPE. As I spent time in many meetings with churches and organizations, I learned that AISD will do what it takes to give ALL students the opportunity to graduate and have a wonderful life. I have so many success stories I could tell everyone. 
    My priorities in life are my family...including my classroom family. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two amazing daughters-one is a teacher and the other is a strategic planner for a major oil and gas company- and two adorable grandchildren. Life is not always perfect, so I encourage my future teachers to be flexible, compassionate and positive.  Teachers can change the world..one child at a time:). I am blessed that AISD asked me to come to MHS to teach the MHS FUTURE TEACHER Program.  It is my JOY to see my students have the opportunity to actually teach in a classroom of their choice. These Mavericks are talented, kind and intelligent...they are our future and, believe me, we are in GREAT HANDS!