Jason L. Moodie


    Fashion Design room 281-245-6568 (please leave a message)

    Photography room 281-245-6534 (please leave a message)

    Rooms # E-312 (photo) & F-103 (fashion)

    Conference Period 7th (2:13-3:00)


    All assignments are given through Google Classroom.  All students have access (codes below). Parents, if you would like access please email me directly and tell me the class your student is enrolled in and class period.  I will make sure that you have access.


    All classes, F2F and AVL will have a daily project.  These will be in many forms, questionnaires, exit tickets, work samples, etc.  These will all be available in Google Classroom and will primarily be used for attendance, however some may be scored as progress grades as well.


    Photo: General class work consists of two small weekly assignments, Thursday Pics due Thursday and the Critique for the class images due the following Tuesday and a major project that most often is due two weeks from assignment date.  Ample time is given during class time to complete assignments, however students must come prepared to class.  Thursday Pics are completed using any photographic device the student chooses (cell phone, DSLR, Point and shoot, film, etc) but must be uploaded onto the google slide by 4pm on Thursday.  Major assignments focus more on mastery of technique, contests, competitions, editing, and generally require the use and understanding of a Digital SLR camera (supplied in class).  There is a lab fee for this class, $60 for the year ($30/semester)


    Fashion: General classwork consists of gaining an understanding of sewing, construction with fabrics, researching the fashion industry, collecting examples, drawing designs, and creating products of the students choice.  A few assignments are given and followed as a class, but after completion students choose other products to gain further skills that each project challenges.  There is a lab fee for this class, $50 for the year ($25/semester)


    AP Design: This course is a self driven course created using the standards of the Advanced Placement program set by the college board.  Students will investigate a theme of their own choosing and through inquiry and revision, create self driven meaningful works of art of their own choosing. There is a lab fee for this class, $60 for the year ($30/semester) in addition students are required to sign up for the AP Studio Art Exam.


    About Me
    I am originally from Calgary Alberta Canada (Alberta is the Texas of Canada, but our rodeo is better).  I attended Brigham Young University (Hawaii and Utah) for my undergraduate degrees and received my Maters of Education from Lesley University (Cambridge, Mass.).
     I began my teaching career in Washington State where I spent 14 years serving students teaching the visual arts.  I moved to Texas to work in museum education at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston where I served as the Academic Dean of the Glassell Jr. School of Art and the Manager of Studio and Gallery Programs.  Even though I enjoyed museum work very much I longed for the classroom.  
    I am honored to be part of the Shadow Creek Family.  I look forward to many years of service to the students in Alvin ISD, in particular the Shark Nation of Shadow Creek. 
    Schooling and Certifications:
    National Board Certified Teacher
    Brigham Young University
    Lesley University (M.ed)

     Google Classroom Codes: (only available to in district email accounts)

    1st Period Photogrpahy

    1st Period Advanced Photography

    F2F and AVL

    AP Art and Design

    F2F and AVL

     3rd Period Photography

    4th Period Photogrpahy

    Advanced Fashion

    F2F and AVL

    6th Period Fashion Design




    Fashion Design


















    Tutorial Times:
    Tuesday After School - Photography
    Wednesday After School - Fashion Design