hello Amanda Williams
    Classroom: 281-245-2723
    Cell: 409-241-5581
    Conference Hour: 3rd period 
    University of Houston
    B.S. Mathematics
    Algebra 1
    Behavior Specialist 



    Extra Resources:

    • Khan Academy has great structured lessons for both Algebra 1 and Geometry. This is a great supplement/review for what we will cover in class. Not to mention a multitude of extra practice problems to study for tests and quizzes.
    • Desmos is a free graphing tool and you can do most of what the Ti-Nspire calculator will do. Their are plenty of videos of "How-To" for this calculator as well and their is a free app too for your mobile devices.   It does take a bit of playing around with it to get used to it. However, over the next couple of weeks, if you have a basic calculator (the one on your phone will do), that will suffice for Algebra 1, and Geometry.
    • Book Access Through App orBook Access Through Tablet is a great place to find extra notes, examples and practice problems.

    As more and more information is known about these items as well as other resources, I will add it to google classroom.  Please make sure you are checking your emails and google classroom or more information regarding my classes. As always be safe and I hope to see you soon!!!


    Mrs. Williams