Dr. Jerry Nelson

    Email: jnelson@alvinisd.net
    Campus Phone: 281-585-6626 ext. 5742
    Room 102
    Conference Hours: 9:40-10:10AM    Tutoring: Mon 4:05-4:45PM; Thurs 8:05-8:30AM

    Abilene Christian University, M.Div, D.Min


    About Me
    Faith...Family...Education...Sports! There you have it, a brief summation of me! The more expanded version would tell you that Carolon and I have three grown children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 on the way (coming this Fall). We are very involved in CoastPointe Church, a community of friends we love. I like to play sports, not just watch, write, and I read at every opportunity. Education has been my life to a large extent. In fact, Carolon is quick to add in every chapter of our lives books were being read, papers written, and courses taken. Completing and defending my doctoral thesis in 2013 we moved on to new challenges and opportunities that eventually carried us to Harby. 
    Three things you should know about my attitude as a teacher at Harby. One, I love teaching young people and am very excited about my courses this year. Two, I  feel very honored to be at Harby. I was drawn to this campus by the quality of the faculty and the tradition of leadership that has worked tirelessly to create a campus atmosphere where parents can send their kids, confident they will receive an excellent education and responsible guidance. Harby is not where I have to be, but where I want to be. Finally, I accept my teaching responsibilities with a great sense of accountability to the students, parents, community, and the AISD leadership.

    Supplies needed for this class –

    Please Bring to Class by Friday, August 24.
    Please see me if there are issues
    • 5 subject spiral notebook
    • Highlighter
    • Pens
    • A ready mind and positive attitude!

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