•  Mrs. Henson
    Mrs. Kasey Henson
    Phone Ex 4741
    Room # CM 153
    Conference Hours: 3rd period  9:18-10:11
    University of Houston - Main Campus

    About Me
    HI! As mentioned above, my name is Kasey Henson - Mrs. Henson to students.  I have been married for nearly 8 years now, and we have two kiddos and two furbabies.  When I'm not at the school or at home planning for school, I like to spend time with my family, read, fish, and cook.  My hobbies are writing, reading, and trying to be crafty.  I graduated with a BA in English from UH main campus.  I LOVE those COOGS!!  I also love those TEXANS and YELLOWJACKETS!!  
    About Class
    I LOVE ENGLISH!!  I have always, always loved English.  I want to transfer that same passion and joy for this subject onto each student who walks into my classroom.  That's my ultimate purpose and goal.  We will be reading and writing on a daily, continuous basis because that's what English class is all about.  However, it'll be relevant and engaging for every student.  
    Contact Me
    Just as I believe learning is a social endeavor, I also believe students' success is contingent upon an established positive thread of communication between parent and teacher.  Please, feel free to contact me about your student, my class, or just to chit chat.  
    281-245-3000 Ext. 4741