Mrs. Schaefer

    Mrs. Regina (Gina) Schaefer
    Room A205
    Email: rschaefer@alvinisd.net
    Phone: 281-245-2245 extension 4653
    Subjects Taught:
    PAP English II
    English II Sheltered
    Conference: 8:19 AM to 9:12 AM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:14 AM to 9:02 AM Wednesdays
    Tutorial Times: Monday and Tuesday 6:50AM to 7:10 AM and 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    Alternative times are scheduled by appointment


     About Me

    As I enter into my fourteenth year of teaching, I cannot help but feel blessed to have had the pleasure of working with students of all ages and grade levels as well as all capacities from Fundemental Academics to Advanced Placement. It is a humbling experience to reap the awards of watching students grow before my eyes accomplishing their achievements. I graduated from the University of Houston, Clear Lake with a degree in Psychology, I am a published author, a dedicated teacher and most importantly, a wife and a mother. 

    I look forward to working with your students this school year. 


    1st PAP English II (7:20 AM - 8:13 AM) 
    2nd Conference (8:14 AM - 9:12 AM)
    3rd: PAP English II (9:18 AM-10:12 AM)
    4th: Sheltered English II (10:18 AM-11:12 AM)
    5th: Sheltered English II (11:12 AM -12:52 PM)
    6th: Sheltered English II (12:58 PM- 1:51PM)
    7th: PAP English II (1:57 PM - 2:50 PM)
    Note: Wednesday is Advisory Schedule
    1st: 7:20 AM-8:08 AM
    2nd: 8:14 AM- 9:02 AM
    3rd: 9:08-9:56 AM
    Homeroom: 10:02 AM-10:27 AM
    4th: 10:33 AM -11:22 AM
    5th: 11:22 AM - 1:02 Pm
    6th: 1:08 PM-1:56 PM
    7th: 2:02 PM- 2:50 PM