Ms. Garcia
    Name Irma Garcia
    Email igarcia@alvinisd.net 
    Campus Phone # 281-585-6626 
    Room# 104
    Conference Hours: 3rd period 10:34-11:26
    Alma Mater: Texas A&M University, University of St. Thomas

    Harby Parents/Guardians,
    This year is my 4th year back to Harby Texas, as we call it on our campus.  
    We have a  of variety of great ideas, programs in place, and best teaching models to implement this year in order to enhance our curriculum and instruction to maximize student SUCCESS!  
    Also, I am thrilled to teach 8th grade Pre-Ap and 8th grade ELA which means I have the opportunity to prepare students for high school.
    They may not share the same excitement as I do; however, it will allow me to design lesson plans to increase their critical thinking skills and independent skills essential for high school.
    As a district, an inititative has been placed on Choice Reading and Writing to promote Literacy throughtout every classroom. This idea promotes a belief that students will excel by choosing their own reading selections which will increase their level of comprehension, develop a stronger vocabulary, and help them write meaningful connections associated with texts.
    We will have projects and assessments at the end of the semester which will encompass the genres learned throughout the nine weeks. We will spend our time building the stamina needed to become better Readers and Writers, and set our goals on incorporating Reading and Writing within every opportunity of our curriculum.  I invite all my students to attend tutorials and will often assign some special tutorial dates for students who may require any additional help with specific skills.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions  or concerns. 
    I look forward to a great year!
    Ms. Garcia
    ELA 8th Pre-AP
    ELA 8th 


    Tutorials - Monday  4:15-5:00 pm  - Wednesday-7:45-8:30 am - Thursday 7:45-8:30 am

    Class/Student Resources -Interactive Notebook - composition book (2)