Ms. Lisa Lisa Williams Simpson
    M. Lisa Simpson
    Conference Hours 2:10 - 3:05


         My name is M. Lisa Simpson this is my twenty-fifth year teaching Special Education and my fifth year with Alvin Independent School District. My mission in life is to teach my students as many life skills as they can retain in order for them to be as independent as possible in society.

         With the help of my two para-professionals, Mrs. Jackie Eason and Mrs. Gail Garza, and the other Special Education Support Staff, I provide specially designed instruction to students with disabilities. I adapt and develop materials to match the special needs of each student and I work really hard to ensure that my students reach their maximum learning potential.

         Your child’s classroom is using Unique Learning System® as the classroom curriculum. The curriculum program has been designed specifically for children with special learning needs. While the foundation of Unique is the academic content standards (reading, writing, math, science and social studies), the lessons are modified to make sure that all children have a way to participate and learn. There is a strong emphasis on life skills that are embedded in each lesson.

         The primary goal of Unique is to give each child a way to participate, learn and succeed in the classroom. Please feel free to ask me if you would like to see the materials and lessons. You may also want to visit the Unique website at n2y.com.

         If you have any questions about the curriculum or anything else you can contact me at 713-814-7200 or email me at msimpson@alvinisd.net. This is going to be an awesome year!