• Mrs. Kimble & Lucky


    • English IV AP
    • English IV
    • College Prep English 4

    Alvin High School

    281-245-3000 ext. 4206

    Room # CM142

    Conference Time: 6th Period—1:05-1:50

    Tutoring Times: Mon., Tues., Wed.—3:00-3:30

    Alma Mater: Indiana University


    AHS Grading Policy


  • Ms. Carolyn Kimble

    Ms. Kimble has been teaching English since 1991. She has been teaching at Alvin High School since 1997, and she loves it. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, son, and cats, collecting library cards, baking, and reading.
  • Supply List for 2019-2020: 
    • a big glue stick or several small glue sticks--English IV and College Prep only. 
    • composition notebook--English IV and College Prep only. I have some in my room already, but if you are very particular, pick up one that is fancy for yourself, please. 
    • a box of facial tissues (Kleenex, Puffs Plus, et cætera) to turn in to teacher the first week of school.   
    • Lined paper (loose-leaf) or tablet with paper.
    • 2 pocket folder or part of binder with pockets to be used for English assignments and notes.
    • Pen and pencil and highlighter.