• Warrior Welcome to Manvel Jr. High's Counselors' Corner
    As school counselors, our goal is to promote student success, provide preventive services, and respond to identified student needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses academic, career, and personal/social development for all students.
    Academic Goals
    • To help students understand themselves as life-long learners and help them develop skills to reach their academic potential
    • To identify factors that impact learning and determine a course of action to provide appropriate support


    Career Goals

    • To help students choose a career path and endorsement that will enable them to reach their future academic and career goals
    • To provide students with the opportunity to assess personal interests in relation to a specified career choice


    Personal/Social Development

    • To assist students in developing resiliency and effective coping skills
    • To assist students in developing appropriate problem-solving and decision making skills for conflict resolution and to accept responsibility for their actions