• Howdy

    I am excited to start a new year with my students. We can face our challenges together and succeed! Mustangs Believe! Mustangs Achieve!

    My career in education began 41 years ago. I have taught 1-8 graders in all subjects, worked with students with learning disabilities, gifted and talented and more. I have created science, history and writing camps and helped students with dyslexia.

    After graduating high school in Beaumont, Lamar University was my choice and a good one. It was affordable enough so that I could work to earn money to pay my way through college. Lamar gave me a great background and I also had the support of several well known professors in higher education. I have a Bachelors of Science in Education and a Masters of Education. I also hold certificates in Reading, 4-8 Generalist, and 1-12 Learning Disabilities. One of the highlights of my teaching career was when a student nominated me for an American Disney Teacher Award.

    One very remarkable thing about me is that I have been married 40 years.  My loving, supportive husband, Bill and I have two grown children - Travis and Kathleen, of whom we are very proud. We currently have one dog, Hurley, a rescue, now very spoiled. She is part beagle and ? - and she loves to hunt whatever she notices in our yard. 

    Besides teaching, gardening is a passion of mine and recently I have become interested in bonsai.  Training these plants into tiny trees is very rewarding.  I don’t always succeed but I never give up.some

    I do love to read but understand it isn't everyone's thing. One of my goals is to help students find some genre they like to read.  



    Google classroom codes


    1st period- 6th grade Reading  A and B day ----kckvqn5

     2nd period-- 6th grade Writing -  A day --------67zgcgy

     3rd period- 7-8th grade reading - B day --------ykemo6c

    4th period - conference and extra duty -  A day

    5th period- 7th grade Reading - B day ----------kxca4j

    6th period 6- 7th grade Reading - A day ------

     7th period- 6th grade Reading - B day ----------oslbu4l


  • Remind Codes

    6th grade reading 1st and 7th periods



    Writing 2nd period



    7-8thReading - 3rd period



    6-7th Reading - 5th and 6th period