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    Links to Technical Report Guidelines and Grading Rubic

    file:///U:/Downloads/Technical%20Design%20Report_FINAL%20(2).pdf  Guidelines for Technical Report (New for 2020)

    file:///U:/Downloads/Rubric_Technical%20Design%20Report_FINAL%20(2).pdf  Grading Rubric for Technical Report (New for 2020)

    Reminder of Practice for the Competition is February 29th at Manvel High School 

    and then Regional Competition to qualify for Nationals in March 21 at Manvel High School


    Yee-Ha!! Here is our pool schedule at SCHS. Our first few are temorary schedule. Then in January all our days are Mondays and Tuesdays except for holidays.

    Tuesday, November 19th 4:15-5:30 pm 

    Thursday, November 21st 4:15-5:30 pm

    Wednesday, December 4th  4:15-6:30 pm

    Thursday, December 5th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Weeks of December 9th and 16th are no practices in order for students to prepare and take final exams.

    Monday, January 6th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, January 7th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, January 13th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, January 14th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, January 20th School Holiday no practice

    Tuesday, January 21st 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, January 27th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, January 28th, 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, February 3nd 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, February 4th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, February 10th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, February 11th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, February 17th School Holiday no practice

    Tuesday, February 18th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, February 24th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, February 25th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Monday, March 2nd 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, March 3rd 4:15-6:30 pm

    Thursday, March 5th 4:15-6:00 Review requirements for Regional Competition, Interview Questions, Technical Report, and Grading Rubrics.

    Week of March 9th Spring Break-no practice

    Monday, March 16th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Tuesday, March 17th 4:15-6:30 pm

    Thursday, March 19th 4:15-6:30 Edit and complete Technical Report-go over plans for the Regional Competition

    Saturday, March 21th Manvel High School SeaPerch Regional Competition

    SeaPerch Regionals are on March 21st at Manvel High School. If we have, or should I say when we have teams qualifying for Nationals we will then continue with our Monday and Tuesday Schedule.

    December Meeting Dates and Times

    Working to get a couple of pool dates the first week of December which will be our last week until we return from Winter Break.

    November Meeting Dates and Times

    November 4th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 waterproof motors and mount propellers on the shafts

    November 5th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 water proof motors and mount propellers on the shafts

    November 7th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 mount the thrusters onto the vehicle

    November 11th 4:14-6:00 cancelled

    November 12th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 assemble the power cord and install the printed circuit board components

    November 14th 4:15-6:00 pm cancelled

    November 18th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 connect the porwer cord and conduct tests as well as finish the control box

    November 19th 4:00-5:30 pm at SCHS Pool

    November 21th 4:00-5:30 pm at SCHS Pool

    October Meeting Dates and Times   

    October 8th 6:00-7:30pm in room A124-team assignments, parent and student meeting, announcements and planning                                                       

    October 17th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 measured and marked pvc pipes and then cut them                                          

    October 21st 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 drilled elbows and pvc pipes and assembled vehicle frame

    October 22nd 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 taped motors and drilled wholes in the motor casing

    October 29th 4:15-6:00 pm in room A124 tape extra motors for backups connect the tether cable wires, then waterproof with wax





    Dates Cancelled 

    October 24th -Science and Math Night

    October 28th-Ms. Enyart has a scheduled absence

    October 31st-Halloween

    November 11th-Ms. Enyart absent

    November 15th-Faculty Meeting



    Saturday, February 29, 2020 Practice Meet at Manvel High School

    Saturday, March 21, 2020 Regional Meet to qualify for nationals at Manvel High School





    Thank you for your interest in SeaPerch.

    Melanie Enyart M.Ed.

    STEM Academy Teacher 6th Grade

    MAP Science Teacher 6th and 7th Grade

    SeaPerch Sponsor