• Michael Reynolds


    Room 113 at HCE


    Conference 7th period 3:25 - 4:00

    Tutorials before schools (TBD)

  • Welcome to Mr. Reynolds’ Science class!


    The 2022-2023 school year is going to be a year to remember. We will have challenges to overcome, new learning styles to adapt, and a new way to collaborate with one another. Many of us will be anxious about returning to school, but we will work through this together!

    Our science team has many engaging activities prepared for our students, and look forward to getting started!

    This is my 18th year teaching junior high science, and 9th year at Harby Junior High. I have been married to Michelle Reynolds, who teaches RLA at Fairview Junior High, for 20 years. We have three wonderful children and another child, our dog Chloe. My daughter, Lila Grace, is a recent graduate of Alvin High School, and is continuing her education at ACC. One of my sons is an 8th grader at Harby, and my other will be attending an academy for baseball. My family spends most of our time together enjoying baseball tournaments, streaming series, playing games and travelling.

    I hope our year is successful. We may have to make adjustments throughout the year, but all of us, students, parents and staff, will have to work together to make this year the best that we can. We will succeed in this endeavor!