ms. collins
    Angela S. Collins
    English I, II Resource
    English III, IV Co-Teach
    Special Education
    281-245-2622--campus phone number 
    This phone number is for classroom CM 173. 
    I will be there periods 1-4. If I am not in the room, you can leave me voicemail. 
    Room CM 173
    B.S. Educational Curriculum & Instruction
    Texas A&M University
    Secondary English
    Special Education 
    Students enrolled in my classes have been invited to my Google Classroom. Students need to be logged into their school Google Accounts to access Google Classroom. 
    Students who are signed in to their school Google accounts will still have access to the Read&Write for Chrome extension for accommodations such as text-to speech, speech-to-text,and spell check. If you do not already have this extension and would like to make use of it, I can talk you through the process of adding it. 
    After School Tutorials: 
    Monday 3:00--3:30
    Tuesday 3:00--3:30
    Wednesday: 3:00--3:30
    Thursday: Check to see if I will be available after school that day.
    Friday: Check to see if I will be available after school that day.

    Mrs. Collins is a 1986 graduate of San Augustine High School in San Augustine, Texas, and a 1991 graduate of Texas A&M University. She took additional coursework at California State University in Long Beach, California. She has taught grades 6-12 in Guam, Alabama, California, and Texas. Additionally, she spent a year and a half teaching ballroom dancing in Arizona. When she isn’t at Alvin High School, she is reading books, attending dance classes, or playing with her dogs: 3 Akitas and 5 Whippets. Her dogs have competed in conformation, agility, lure coursing, and racing events.




  • I have meetings after school on September 29 & October 1,and I will not be available for tutorials on those dates. 

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