2018-2019 Sergio Cantu
    Name Sergio Cantu
    Campus Phone #  2812453000  ext. 2168
    Room # b117
    Conference Hours   3rd period
    University Alma Mater
    Texas State Technical College
    Harlingen Campus
    Tutorial times
    7:00 am 7:25 am
    Google classrooms
    Adv. HVAC
    HVAC 1       
    Adv. Construction Tech 
    Practicum in Construction  
    This year we, Alvin ISD, have decided to use Google Classroom for all our teaching needs. Please use the lin, along with a google classroom code provided by the teacher to join the google classroom. 

     Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome to my School page,
    This will be my 19th year teaching in Alvin Isd. 
    I'm very excited to be able to teach our students how they can take advantage of the great opportunities that are around this area in the Construction and HVAC/R fields.
    My goal is that every student that takes my class will learn how to be a very dependable and safe oriented worker. I truly strongly believe that every student that takes a trade class can have a big advantage in the Construction field, and also the HVAC/R field.
    The Cantus