• Advancement Via Individual Determination

     AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students  

    for college readiness and success in a global society.



    Susan Baughman






    281-245-2232 ext 4412



    Monday-Friday 7:15- 8:00 AM ; Tues. & Wed. 6:50- 7:10 AM

    Appointments may be made to meet outside of this time frame





    COURSE DESCRIPTION:     AVID is a college readiness system that is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance.  For one period a day students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem attainable.


    AVID Curriculum:     The AVID curriculum is driven by the W.I.C.O.R. method, which stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading.


    CLASSROOM PROTOCOL: It is the right of each student to participate in his or her learning and it is the responsibility of each student not to interfere with the learning of other students. Policies governing the classroom are provided in the MHS student Handbook and each student is responsible for the information within the handbook. Those rules apply HERE!


    Hall Passes/Restroom Breaks:  Please bring a pass or tardy slip if you are late, NO EXCEPTIONS.   Requests to visit teachers, go see the counselor, or go to the office will be limited to emergencies: bring a pass if you are late for one of these reasons.  All students will be given one restroom pass EACH 3 WEEKS.


    Cell Phone/BYOD Policy:  The AVID classrooms will follow the AISD BYOD policy.  Cell phones may ONLY be out if designated in the lesson plan that day.  NOT SEEN, NOT HEARD, NOT TAKEN.


    Classroom Guidelines & Consequences:

           1. BE RESPECTFUL :Respect your peers, your teacher, the tutors, the classroom, and yourself. 

    1. BE RESPONSIBLE: I will treat you like adults and expect you to act accordingly. Begin each class with the appropriate assignment. Come prepared each day. At the conclusion of class, return all materials to appropriate location.  If you MESS UP—CLEAN UP!!
    2. BE PROMPT: Arrive to class on time with all required materials. Follow all instructions, without comment or question, the first time given.
    3. BE AWARE OF YOUR AVID CONTRACT: You will be held to the AVID standards listed in it every single day!
    4. BE AWESOME: This will be AN AWESOME class if you follow the rules & procedures, respect those around you and have an open mind!


    DISCIPLINE OPTIONS: Participation in AVID is a privilege that comes with high expectations, both academically and behaviorally.  If challenges occur in this or any other class, the following steps will be taken to correct the situation:


    Step 1:  One-on-one meeting with the AVID teacher

    Step 2:  Parent Contact

    Step 3:  Removal of privileges, including participation in AVID field trips or activities

    Step 4:  Teacher Detention (may be used multiple times before going to step 4) OR an Action/Probation Plan

    Step 5:  Site Committee meeting to determine eligibility to remain in program

    Step 6:  Office Referral and potential removal from the AVID program



    Binders/Projects/Speeches:                     50%

    AVID Tutorials/TRF:                                50%


    Grading Policies:  Specific criteria will be explained for each assignment.  You will earn points for each assignment based on this criteria and the overall quality of your work.  Grades will be updated on a weekly basis to allow parents and students the most up to date progress in the class.  SEE THE AISD SECONDARY GRADING POLICY FOR MINIMUM NUMBER OF GRADES PER NINE WEEKS.


    Binders:  Binders are a must; they are NOT negotiable in the AVID class.  You will receive a list of required items that must be kept in your binder and a rubric to explain how your binder is graded each week.  Binders will be graded EVERY Friday and the teacher may conduct surprise spot checks to ensure every AVID student has their binder with them daily.  ALL classwork from ALL classes should stay in this ONE binder. Concerns should be addressed ASAP!


    Tutors/Tutorials: Tutors are essential to the success of the AVID elective class. AVID tutors are former AVID students or college students and receive formal training to participate in the process.  Students will be required to have the necessary material for tutorials each Tuesday and Thursday.  This will include the Tutorial Request Form (TRF), class notes, book and other materials.  Students will learn the 10 step AVID tutorial process and how the TRF will be graded each week.


    Cornell Notes:  Cornell Notes (CN) are the required note taking method used in the AVID curriculum.  You are required to use this method in AVID and all of your other classes.  Students will be taught how to take CN in core classes and how CN will be graded in the AVID class. 


    Late Work:  An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due.  All late work will be accepted, but will receive a grade penalty of 10 points per day it is late.  


    Absences/Make-up Work:  Students are responsible for obtaining missed work from the teacher once they return from an absence.  Alternate assignments may be given in place of a in-class assignments that cannot be made up. 



    • 5 – 3 inch BINDER (any color)
    • pencil pouch that can remain in the binder
    • blue or black pens, 2 red/green/purple pens,
    • pencils
    • highlighter
    • dividers
    • weekly/monthly planner,
    • extra paper and AN OPEN MIND!


    ACADEMIC SUCCESS AND SUPPORT:  Members of the AVID site team are here to provide assistance and support to AVID students.  Site team members represent all departments on the MHS campus (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and CTE).  If you feel you need additional support in a specific area, feel free to contact one of the AVID Site Team Members.  Please ask your AVID teacher for a list of site team members.