Science ROCKS
    Jennifer Brian
    Credentials:   M.Ed. Curriculum / Instruction in Science
                                 University of Houston Main Campus
                             B.S. Wildlife Ecology and Management
                              University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
    Contact Information:             jbrian@alvinisd.net  
    281-635-2207 from 8:00 A.M. - 4:00P.M.
            online learning will take place via google classroom and google meets. Weekly lessons will be posted by 10:00 A.M. Monday morning on google classroom and students may speak with Mrs. Brian directly via phone or by using the google meets link above at the times listed below after logging into their google school accounts.
    Conference Hours for Students: Tuesday and Friday @ 2:00 -3:00 PM on Google Meets for anybody that needs assistance with the weekly lesson.
    Please find Chemistry Department Conference Hours listed here as students can attend other google meets times as needed with other Chemistry teachers using the appropriate google meets links at the time provided in the spreadsheet.
    Additional Tutoring for On-Level Chem: Wednesday @ 11:30 A.M. on                                                                              Google Meets
    Online Learning Platforms: 

    There are numerous on-line help sites including: ChemThink, Chem Matters, Khan Academy, ChemFiesta, YouTube with Tyler Diwitt and others listed in google classroom.

    Free Textbooks:



    What Do I Teach?
    I am so excited to be a part of the Shadow Creek Sharks in my 17th year of teaching where I will continue to teach Pre-AP Chemisty and On Level Chemistry. Previously I taught On Level Chemisty and Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) at Manvel High School. Prior to that I was at Nolan Ryan Junior High for 6 years where I taught IPC in the MAP program, eighth grade Pre-AP science, Robotics and Engineering, and served as science department head for two years. 

    Teacher Background:
    I grew up in a rural farming community in Wisconsin, but since my father and husband together served over 40 years in the United States Navy I had the opportunity to visit and live in many interesting places. As a teenager I spent three years in Italy and as a result I am very fond of all things Italian. I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management and worked for many years as a field biologist before teaching. I first studied Gopher Tortoises and their role within the rapidly disappearing Longleaf Pine Ecosystem. My husband began his career with NASA when we relocated to Houston and I accepted the position of Conservation Coordinator of the Galveston Bay Foundation, a non-profit organization concerned with educating the public about conservation in Galveston Bay through hands on grass roots ecosystem restoration projects. I started teaching eighth grade science 16 years ago and attended the University of Houston main campus to pursue my Masters of Education in middle school science. I received certification to teach science grades 4-8 and science grades 8-12. I also hold certification to teach gifted and talented students. Since then I have been blessed with the addition of two girls to my family, ages 13 and 8. The elder attends Nolan Ryan as an eighth grader and the younger starts thrid grade at Shirley Brothers Elementrary. My husband and I just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.

    What are my Goals for Teaching my Class?

    I will introduce relevant real life applications of the science content with an accurate model of what a scientist actually is in today’s world. 
    Because student success is directly related to student interest I am dedicated to making sure my class has the tools to create an interesting, engaging, hands on learning environment.  For several years I have applied for and received innovative teaching grants from the Alvin ISD Education Foundation in order to implement great lessons and provide students with tools to help them learn.  In the end, I hope students will discover a true understanding for science that will build confidence in their scientific knowledge of the real world and assist them in their future academic goals or their personal goals in life. Most of all I hope to assist my students in becoming life long learners and pass along some highly desired work skills that will assist them in being successful in any career that they select! 
    Why Do I Teach Science?
    I fell in love with science in my ninth grade Earth Science class but sadly do not remember the name of my teacher to let her know this. By the time I left high school I had forgotten my love of science and had no idea what area of study I wanted to pursue or where my true talents were. I received no encouragement from my high school science teachers to pursue any type of science education. Luckily in college I eventually found my way back to science. I have since learned that a career in science is fun, a rewarding way to earn a living, and a great way to provide support for a growing family. I hope for my students to understand that any one of the topics we touch upon in class could lead to a lifetime career of study in that area. As a result of my experiences, I hope to introduce my students to the diversity of science and expose them to an impactful learning experience that will encourage their natural curiosity to learn about the world around them. I strongly feel that the field of science is so broad that it would be difficult for any student not to find at least one area in which they can find a genuine interest or passion. Through active class participation students will gain an appreciation for science and have the courage, confidence, and skills needed to pursue it in the future if they desire to do so. I am truly honored to have this opportunity to teach within my own community and I look forward to working closely with you to make this a fun filled year of investigation for the 2018-2019 academic year.
    Science in Awesome