•                         Mark Twain Elementary School Mighty Milers Running Club


    New York Road Runners Club sponsors the National Mighty Milers Running Club for students. The organization promotes physical fitness for children and youth. Mark Twain Elementary has participated in the program for five years. This year we are enrolling a maximum of 250 students. Our students are able to earn incentive rewards and enjoy themselves in a safe, supportive environment.

    Mighty Milers Running Club is a program that spans grades K-5. Our club allows students to participate before school with their classmates four times per week. Volunteers from the faculty and staff monitor the students from 7:20-7:50 am.   The program begins Monday, October 3rd.  

    The student miles are entered into the computer weekly. NYRR association keeps track of student data in both individual and class progress reports. The organization provides medals, t-shirts and various other rewards for students as they reach different mileage goals. At the end of the program students are awarded their medals in an awards ceremony and their personal mileage is announced.