• AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, and Astronomy


    Jon Lars Lillehaugen
    Campus Phone #:  (281) 245-2227 Ext 4402
    Room #:  C124
    Tutorial Times: 

    Mon 3-3:45, Wed 3-3:45
    University Alma Mater: 

    Texas Tech University - Bachelor's Degree. 

    Southern Methodist University - Master's Degree.

    • Supply List:
                   1.  Physics classes:  scientific calculator
                   2.  Physics classes: 2 composition notebooks (One for notes and one for labs)
                   3.  Astronomy classes: 1 composition notebook
                   3.  Pen or pencil.
    • Class/Student Resources
             http://www.physicsclassroom.com/   (physics tutorials)
    • Remind 101.  Please sign up to stay connected with class updates and reminders.                                 Codes are below (open browser on your phone and type the following):

           For AP Physics I type - rmd.at/g4c6c8

           For AP Physics C type - rmd.at/c7dcad

           For Astronomy type - rmd.at/49g4h8


    • Google Classroom Codes:

            Astronomy per 1 - jc077

            Astronomy per 3 - w493feo

            AP Physics 1 per 4 - mjywi3

            AP Physics C per 5 - eoqrvwi

            Astronomy per 6 - o8h9lmf

            Astronomy per 7 - 42otf1

    • AP Contract - Please fill out the AP contract by the end of the first week of school.                                      The link to the Google form is below.  You only need to fill it out once so if you have                           already filled it out for another class you do not need to do it again here.



    Lab Safety Contract
    (Below)  Please complete within the first week of class.


     Moons of Jupiter