OSOpportunity Smiles

    A student-run club that raises awareness and creates support groups for special needs youth and their families, as well as fund-raise money in support for any research or cause that is related to the special needs community.


    Club Sponsor for 2018/2019: Mrs. LaMora



    2015 Hoco Parade
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                                                       Next meeting September 19, 2018. We will meet every other Wednesday.


                                           Contact Info:

                                                            Club e-mail for the community: 



                                                            Yannah Dumandan, Founding President

                                                              Francheska Durias, Founding Vice-President and Treasurer

                                                            Chinwe Obudulu, Founding Secretary


                                        Current Officers:

                                      President: Tessa LaMora

                                      Vice President: Zahin Azam








    The purpose of Opportunity Smiles is to raise awareness among teens about special needs and get rid of the stereotype and stigma attached to these children. We will accomplish this goal through various volunteer opportunities in the community concerning special needs children and by sponsoring our own club created activities and advocacy projects for the special needs kids in our school and community