Me and my Teams plane!
    Name: Kattie Comparetto
    Campus Phone # Ext: 7281
    Room #: A-214
    Conference Hours: 7th Period
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    B.S. in Professional Aeronautics
    Minors in Aviation Safety and Management
    Magna Cum Laude

    About ME!!
    I am just your average high flying, sky diving, bungee jumping, history loving high school U.S. History teacher. This is my 6th year to be with Alvin ISD. Prior to teaching I was in the Aviation & Defence Industry. I was not only a pilot (yes, I still fly as often as I can), I was the Manager of Customer Relations and the Director of Marketing and Sales for a Private Aviation Company. I was a safety and quality control consultant for Georgia Aerospace at that time (DOD). My husband and I met in flight school and he is the second best pilot I know- I am number one, of course! We have an AMAZING 21 year old daughter, Desiree, who is a sailor in the United States Navy (MHS class of 2015), an 18 year old son, Johnny, just starting college (he plays baseball at San Jac), a 4 year old boy (Nolan Pierce), and a brand new baby boy, (Joshua James 'JJ') who was born in May. I am THRILLED to be at RMJH this year and CANNOT wait to get to know all of my students and their parents! I am also the Social Studies Instrucation Coach for Dr. Ronald McNair Jr. High. This is by far, the best Social Studies team that I have EVER worked with!

     USMC Training