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    Department Mission Statement
    In an ever-evolving society, our mission is to foster a safe environment for current and future generations, through professional excellence and service based community partnerships.



    Department Vision Statement


    The Alvin ISD Police Department is committed to being proactively involved and sensitive to the needs of the communities we serve.

    We strive to challenge students to develop positive character traits and lawful behaviors.

    Our goal is to earn the respect of those we serve through professional service, compassionate treatment, and positive interactions.

    We are committed to promoting community engagement and safety through innovative practices and insights from our officers and community partners.

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  • Department Core Values


    Service before Self 
    We serve a cause greater than ourselves.  We value the privilege to serve our community with empathy, compassion and dignity for all.  We value our badge as a symbol of public trust, a trust which we strive to earn every day.

    Integrity Always
    We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, which are the cornerstones of our profession.  We will uphold the public trust and our commitment to our core values.

    Dedication to Community
    We are dedicated to the district, the department, each other, our families, and the citizens we serve. We have an unquestionable work ethic and commitment to the goals and objectives of the district and the department.

    Respect for All
    We recognize the authority we hold and will treat others as we would like to be treated. We will faithfully, and without bias, honor our obligations to the community.

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