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     Ms. Harrington
    Campus Phone #281-245-3070
    Room # 311
    Conference Hours 11:15-12:05
    University Alma Mater University of Houston
    Hello! A little about myself...I have been teaching for 34 years and 22 of those years, I have been a Dyslexia Specialist. I enjoy working with students and teaching them strategies that help them decode words and become better readers! My goal is for them to apply these strategies in the classroom! I've included two websites that give information about dyslexia. Please feel free to access the websites to gain knowledge about dyslexia. One last thing...always remember that a person with dyslexia is intelligent! His/Her brain is just wired a little differently so it takes a little longer to grasp the skills needed for reading. Please, always encourage your child and make sure they know that they are smart! If you ever need to reach me, please email or call me! I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns!