JoAnn Karel
    Room Number: A219 

    Questions may also be posed on the Schoology Online Discussion Platform or by email to Jkarel@alvinisd.net

    University of Houston Bachelor's of History 
    University of Houston at Clear Lake- M.A. History 




    About Me:
    Hello and welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, my name is JoAnn Karel and this is my 12th year teaching in Alvin ISD. I currently serve as the Department Chair for Social Studies and will be teaching Dual Credit U.S. History as well as A.P. United States History. History is my passion and I am excited to bring my joy of history into the classroom. I look forward to being a part of your child's education and I am excited for a great year!
    AP United States History and Dual Credit U.S. History Student Expectations:
    First let me congratulate you for taking on the challenge of taking a college level course. I would like to start off by providing useful tips and insight into being successful in this course.
    1. Develop consistent study habits. The rigor and pace of this course is demanding
    2. Develop study groups. Find like minded peers to help keep you on track. 
    3. Organize your priorities. Taking on this course will require devotion.
    4. Attend tutorials. 
    5. Do the studgy guide for very exam! I promise, it helps. 
    6. Focus on making connections with historical patterns throughout the course. This will serve you well. The content will come naturally in class.
    7. All APUSH  and Dual Credit students will utilize Schoology for the entire year. Once school begins you will be given an access code.  
    Good Luck!