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    Loree Bruton
    Associate Superintendent of Federal and Special Programs
    P: 281-245-2451

    Kathy Windsor
    Executive Director of Federal and Student Programs
    P: 281-245-2490

    Vicki Maliszewski
    Secretary to Loree Bruton
    P: 281-245-2451

    Isela Deleon
    Secretary to Kathy Windsor
    P: 281-245-2490

    301 E. House St,
    Alvin TX 77511
    F: 281-245-2980


    Getting Help for Your Child

    Special Education

    Behavioral Support Services

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    Federal and Special Programs Department
    In the Department of Federal and Special Programs...

    We believe each student achieves success through positive interactions, engaging experiences, and high expectations.  

    We believe teachers are supported and equipped to facilitate student success.  

    We believe campus leaders are empowered by our knowledge and resources so they can better serve students, staff, parents, and community members. 

    We believe families are active partners in ensuring student success, through ongoing communication.  

    We believe the community is a vital partner in building a successful team that provides for the growth of each student.