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        What is Communities In Schools? 

    The philosophy of CIS is based on the idea of keeping students in school by directly addressing all of the problems and concerns that cause the child not to do well in school or consider dropping out. CIS’s comprehensive program provides students with the opportunity to overcome obstacles thus making it easier for them to stay in school, successfully learn, and prepare for life.

    CIS is an “in-school” program that operates during school hours with a multi-disciplinary approach to increase each student participant’s opportunity to be successful in school by

    • increasing the stay in school rate
    • improving attendance
    • improving academic performance 
    • improving behavior

    The program encompasses and encourages partnerships with federal, state and local social service agencies, as well as private and community based organizations, local colleges, the private business sector, the community, churches, and public schools. CIS programs promote and facilitate the coordinated delivery of existing health, social, education, community, and other support services on elementary, middle school, and secondary campuses for the benefit of young people and their families.

    What does that look like at Hasse?
       At Hasse, our main goal is to help kids be successful by assisting them in overcoming barriers in their lives. If a student is referred to CIS, the first step is to assess the student by looking at the whole child. Once the student is in the CIS program, we meet and create a goals contract for the school year. The student agrees to actively work towards the goals they set and I agree to help them. Throughout the progress of the year I monitor students progress, advocate for them, and provide resources to students and families.  Some of the resources I provide include: supportive guidance, academic support, social services, attendance support, and conflict resolution. 




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