• Welcome to Moka Hey!
    Moka Hey is our student operatedmoka hey
    coffee shop that offers a menu of delicious hot drinks
    to our faculty and staff.  Our class takes the orders
    off of the internet, fills the orders, calculates the totals,
    then delivers them to the classrooms.  We have
    a coffee bar in the classroom for walk-up orders
    after breakfast and after lunch.  All of the profits
    benefit our Life Skills students.
    Coffee Club:
    When you place an order for the entire week, you will receive $0.50 off the price of a cup of coffee.  These orders must be paid by Friday of every week. The flavors and espresso shots are regular price.  Paras and Substitutes will receive Coffee Club pricing all the time!
    *we will no longer be able to carry tabs for people as it becomes too hectic for
    our students. If unable to pay for the coffee on Friday, deliveries will be
    suspended untl the account is caught up.
    Click on the Coffee Cup below to place your order
    moka hey