John Cunningham
    Assistant Choir Director
    Campus Phone # 281 245-2016  
    Office in FAC103E
    University Alma Mater University of Texas (Arlington)

    Mr. Cunningham and wife, Cindy

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    About Me
     I graduated from high school in Houston, earned a degree in music in Chattanooga TN. In 2002, I began my teaching career as assistant choir teacher at Alvin High School. In 2005, I moved to Harby Junior High in AISD where I taught a science elective called Synergistics as well as choir. In May 2012 I completed my Master of Education at UT Arlington and passed my principal's certification. In 2012-13, I moved back to Alvin High School in 2012-13 to take the position of Campus Testing Coordinator.  This year I am excited to be back as Assistant AHS Choir director since 2016!
    I am married with 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 2 dogs. My wife is a high school English teacher in Clear Creek ISD. 
    Be sure to check out the AHS website for choir information. Please contact me with any questions about choir this year!
    Schedule:                                                     Tutoring schedule: Every day by appointment
    1st period             Treble Choir
    2nd period            Tenor-Bass Choir
    5th period            Advanced Treble Choir
    Homeroom            Junior students
    Please click on this link to the Alvin High School Choir website for important information about the choir program this year