John Cunningham
    Assistant Choir Director
    Campus Phone # 281 245-2016  
    Office in FAC103E
    University Alma Mater University of Texas (Arlington)

    Mr. Cunningham and wife, Cindy

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    About Me
     I graduated from high school in Houston, earned a degree in music in Chattanooga TN. In 2002, I began my teaching career as assistant choir teacher at Alvin High School. In 2005, I moved to Harby Junior High in AISD where I taught a science elective called Synergistics as well as choir. In May 2012 I completed my Master of Education at UT Arlington and passed my principal's certification. In 2012-13, I moved back to Alvin High School in 2012-13 to take the position of Campus Testing Coordinator.  I moved back into AHS Choir in 2016. I am excited to be back for another awesome year of choir!
    I am married with 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 2 dogs. My wife is a high school English teacher in Clear Creek ISD. 
    Schedule:                                                     Tutoring schedule: Every day by appointment
    1st period             Treble Choir
    2nd period            Tenor-Bass Choir
    5th period            Advanced Treble Choir
    Homeroom            Senior students