Wade Jenkins, 6th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan Karate
    Campus Phone # 281-585-6626
    Room # 120
    Sure Foundation Theological Institute
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    Belt Rank:
    6th Degree Black Belt

    Martial Arts Style:
    Shotokan Karate 

    December 2002

       Wade Jenkins has been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years. He competed in various tournaments throughout the years.  He even won a world championship title in 2007, but for the last 15yrs, has dedicated his life to training others. Mr. Jenkins has trained children, teens, adults, law enforcement (Alvin PD, Houston PD, Brazoria County Sheriffs’ Dept.), and military special forces soldiers. He began working for KSK in 2002, but left in 2007 to focus on teaching kids in his hometown of Alvin, TX. In 2011, he returned to KSK as the Instructor at Harby Jr. High in Alvin, TX.

       Mr. Jenkins is KSK's Area 2 Leader, in charge of other Kickstart Kids instructors, and has been named "District Director" for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) National Karate Program for the Gulf District, over all of southeast Texas.  He has continuously lead many of students to victory in local, state, and world competitions.  Harby's Kickstart Kids program has taken students to compete in the Junior Olympics, and at the AAU National Karate Championships and World Cup, resulting in many gold, silver, and bronze medals!
    Mr. Jenkins is a former Harby student, and is happy to have returned home!


    Communication this year will be sent through Google Classroom.
    Here are the classroom codes for each period:
    1st period Karate 2 Face2Face: yvn23mu
    2nd period Karate 1 Face2Face: z57jpxm
    2nd period Karate 3 Virtual: gvvqq5l
    2nd period Karate 2 Virtual: leuasqx
    2nd period Karate 1 Virtual: sdijvfg
    3rd period Karate 2 Face2Face: 3zxqb6e
    3rd period Karate 2 Virtual: 2m6tv4i
    3rd period Karate 1 Virtual: rydh33t
    5th period Karate 1 Face2Face: qmo5mxm
    6th period Karate 1 Face2Face: jwue5my
    7th period Karate 3 Face2Face: n23yxm5
    10th period Karate 3 Virtual: mmmpi5t
    10th period Karate 2 Virtual: ixdz7h7
    10th period Karate 1 Virtual: 7n3xeze
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