Dustin DeBerry
    Campus Phone # 281-245-2232 (4646)
    Room #: C107
    Conference Hours: 10:10 - 10:50AM
    Tutorial Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 3:00-4:00pm
                                 other times by appointment
    Alma Maters: University of Houston ~ Clear Lake - B.A. in English Literature
            The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - M.Div. in Christian Ministry

    About Me
    I am entering my twelth year of teaching, all at MHS. I received a bachelor's degree in Literature from the University of Houston ~ Clear Lake, in addition to an associates degree in general studies from Alvin Community College and a Masters of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am certified to teach secondary English in the State of Texas and have coached football and soccer in the past for MHS.
    I grew up in Danbury, but for two years my wife, Julia, and I lived in Lousiville, KY as I attended classes on campus at Sotuhern, and she taught math for Jefferson County Public Schools. After returning to Texas, my wife taught 7th grade Algebra at Nolan Ryan Junior High for three years. She is now a Co-Teacher for Fairview Junior High in Alvin. Before teaching, I served as a juvenile probation officer in Brazoria County for one year, and worked as a sales associate at RadioShack in Angleton for four years before that. I also worked part time at UPS and Lowe's in Louisville while I was attending seminary. 
    My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have three children, Liam, Renée, and Aiden. We both love to read, (though her love of math is lost on me). We have similar tastes in reading as we both enjoyed the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series as well as anything by Niel Shusterman. I always try to find time to read works for pleasure, most recently The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. I am also a bit of a sports nut, especially baseball and football, with my favorite two teams being the Houston Astros and Dallas Cowboys. 
    Schedule for 2020/21 (This may be subject to change)                                           
    1st Period - AP Literature (Remote)                                                                                                                                                          
    2nd Period - AP Seminar (Remote)                                     
    3rd Period - SAT Prep (F2F, AVL Asynchronous)
    4th Period - Conference
    5th Period - Pre-AP EnglisH II (F2F)
    6th Period - AP Literature (Remote)
    7th Period - Pre-AP English II (AVL)
    Achronym key:
    AVL = Alvin Virtual Learning - The students I teach these periods will be almost exclusively online.
    F2F = Face to Face - Students will be phsycally in class with me, adhereing to social distancing protocols, after our phase-in process.
    Remote = Remote in - A class that will have both face to face students and online students concurently. 


    Can't find what you are looking for? It's probably on Google Classroom. 


    I know trying to find things during the school year can feel like a scavenger hunt, so I have tried to simplify things. Anything new added throught the year (assignments, powerpoints, reminders, etc.) will be on Google Classroom. The things that are currently here on the website will remain the same all year.  

    Virtual Open House Videos:
    Pre-AP English II: https://youtu.be/KJqdtmPVeGI
     (Updated 8/18/20)