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    Rene' Quibodeaux-Kidder


      Room # A 216

      Conference:  2nd Period or by appointment

      Tutoring Hours: Tuesday 8:05 - 8:35 am

                                 Thursday  4:10 - 4:40 pm 

            Wednesday (MAP only) 4:10- 4:40

       Campus Phone #281-245-3210 / ext: 6141


    Dear Students and Parents welcome to 8th Grade Science!
    We have an exciting year ahead of us! This year, learning in Science will focus on
    Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, and Earth Science! In other words, YOU will learn a
    lot!  But, don't stress; as long as YOU are focused in class, participate actively,
    and spend a couple of minutes reviewing topics covered, success is guaranteed!
    In addition, 8th graders will prepare for the  8th grade Science STAAR test
    in May, we will look back at previous 6th and 7th grade learning standards to
    ensure that you are well prepared and ready to exceed expectations. 
    My goal is to create an engaging and rich learning environment in an effort to
    help YOU reach your full potential in Science!
    Welcome, aboard!
    Rene' Kidder
                EVERY STUDENT, 
    science 1                               LONGHORNS
       A little about myself...
    I graduated summa cum laude in 1998 from Sam Houston State University with a
    Bachelor of Science in Education and an emphasis on Life and Earth Science.
    I have worked with learners grades 5 through 8, as well as with 8th grade MAP students.
    I am native to Germany and the United States; having spent equal amounts of time
    in each country and love them both. I am happily married and have 3 grown children -
    each pursuing their own destination and success. I love to travel, read,
    help others, and take on odd remodeling projects - my creative side possibly?! But, my
    true lifelong passion has always been Science.  My goal as a teacher is to encourage
    each student to fulfill their highest potential in Science and to progress to high school
    with the knowledge and skills required for the 21st Century, and an utmost passion for
    learning - especially in the Sciences!