Student Council Picture


      THE Alvin Junior High
    Mustang Student Council     
     Room 701, Theatre
    Google Class Code:  p2lavl7
    Sponsor: Angelica Hernandez, MRS. H (Theater Director/Teacher)

     Welcome to the AJH Student Council!

    The AJH Student Council serves to engage students in learning about leadership. Members of Student Council will help raise funds for school activities, attend leadership conferences, and share ideas and concerns about AJH with principals, teachers, and community, as well as explore the concepts of Lincoln/Douglas Debate.  If you are interested in joining, please join the Google Class:  p2lavl7    Once you join you will see a Google Meets link that we will use.  All of our meetings will be virtual throughout the fall, but may change to F2F in the Spring.  More information about our first meeting will come to you as soon as we get school going!!!  Hope to see you all there!