Physical Education at Alvin Junior High is an activity course designed to teach the rules in various sports, develop skills in lifetime activities, to encourage teamwork and discipline, and to improve overall physical fitness.
    Students are required to dress out and participate everyday. Required dress is a plain grey crew neck t-shirt, plain black shorts with an elastic waistband, and tennis shoes suitable for the gym floor. 
    Basic Requirements:
    1)Suit out and participate every day.
    2) Pass a basic rules and skills test at the end of each unit taught.
    3) Pass the mile run tested every 9 weeks. The boy's goal is 8 minutes while the girl's goal is 10 minutes. All students will be gradually taught and trained to be able to achieve improvement toward these standards.
     Grading system: Daily Grades - 50%
                                 Written tests, a skills test, Mile run - 50%
    Brian Schmidt- 7th and 8th grade Boys
    Lori Schneider - 7th and 8th grade Girls
    Ricardo Sanchez - 6th Grade Boys and Girls