• If your interested in Marketing, Management, or Entrepreneurship then AHS DECA is your club!

    DECA is one of the most active clubs on Alvin High School campus! We get involved in many activities, but at the same time have a wonderful experience. Some of the functions we help/get involved with are:

    1. Attend General Membership meetings at least 2 times a month

    2. Participate in various community service activities on campus and in the community

    3. Host "Sing for the Moment" and the "Teacher Talent Show."

    4. Attend Socials (holiday, end of year banquet, etc.)

    5. Travel to Leadership Retreats

    6. Travel to district, state, and international competitions.

    7. Attend various business functions in the community (Chamber Commerce meetings, etc.)

    8. Network with adult business professionals in the community.

    9. Gain access to jobs/careers with DECA corporate sponsors and local businesses.

    10. Eligible for DECA scholarships (not available to other high school students.)

    The annual dues are $25; you become a member of 3 organizations: AHS DECA, Texas DECA, National DECA.

    It is very benefitial for students to get involved in clubs. It looks great when applying for college scholarships and admission to colleges, but most of all it helps you with your social skills.

    Active members have the ability to earn honors cords (ropes) to wear at graduation. Our chords are blue and gold...you will definitely stand out in the crowd as a honored graduate.