• Coach Ruby  
    AHS Mens Varsity Coach - Shawn Ruby - sruby@alvinisd.net
    AHS Mens JVorange Coach - Lance Dempsey - ldempsey@alvinisd.net
    AHS Mens JVwhite Coach - Yahir Ordonez - yordonez@alvinisd.net
                                                                      Coach Ruby(s) with Tally Hall
    Coach Ruby & Coach Dempsey               Coach Donna Ruby, MLS GK Tally Hall, Coach Shawn Ruby    
    AHS Soccer makes positive contributions to the welfare of all stakeholders of the Alvin Independent School District and is devoid of all functions or activities that conflict with the primary purpose and goals of Alvin High School, AISD, and the University Interscholastic League (UIL). The AHS Soccer coaching staff continually upholds the concepts of discipline, group reliance and interaction, and physical fitness through the game of soccer. In addition, we generate awareness throughout the 24-6A community of progress and accomplishments of Alvin High School. Furthermore, AHS Soccer coaches promote and address the needs of AISD students by providing an arena to learn all about the aspects of the beautiful game, as well as, advancing co-operative learning, knowledge and skills.
     Myrie Donna ketkin Rs&Rs
     Costa Rica Defender Myrie       Coach Donna Ruby         Kettler, Ruby & Kinzie        Coach Ruby(s) and
         and Coach Shawn Ruby                                                                                                      Coach Reviere(s)